OUT OF SORTS positively tuned three people and one opportunist. We met since 2011 and the current assembly will soon celebrate the first anniversary. In good weather you are going to hear two guitars, bass and drums.

The Out of Sorts band was formed at the end of 2010. Willi together with Jarda and Jirka Zvonicek happened to at the birth of the band . Later on the band was joined by Mirek Zaorálek (Panters) and Milds. At the end of 2011 we managed to get in a recording studio (TDB studio), where we recorded two songs for compilation of Music City Ostrava that was released as a part of the magazine “ROCK a POP” . In May 2012 we are preparing our first CD -(I always watch you when you're dreaming ....) that is being recorded in the Spring Sound studio in Strakonice. Out of Sorts

Will Mild foto_panter.jpg Jeard
Will - guitars, vocal Mild - guitars, vocal Pantera - bass Jeard - drums

Retro members: 

Panter's Jardan Lewak Bob's

Created by Liceor .:.
Created by Liceor: